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ViviSmoke was founded in April,2015 in Shenzhen ,China.
Has been focused on electronic cigarette more than 2 years ,currently supplying many vape wholesalers/distributors/chain stores world wide.

ViviSmoke Main Business

> CBD tanks,THC tanks,Pods systems.
> One stop supply a wide range of Vape accessories products.
> Provide Professional Customization Services.

ViviSmoke Products line
1.CBD tanks,THC tanks,Pods systems.
2. Vape Cottons |Wick wires |Prebuilt Coils |DIY tool Kits
3. Silicone Products |Silicone cases
4. Resin Products| Resin Drip tips,Resin plates,Resin Mods,Resin Tubes
6. Pyrex glass |Replacement Pyrex Glasses
7.Vape Diy tools||Ceramic tweezer/plier/cutter/coil jig/cleaning tool/screwdriver

With various of vape products supply, we are always trying to help all our customers to order easier and more convenient with fantastic experience.

ViviSmoke Partners are from many countries over the world such as

>United States  Distributors
>France Distributors
>Japan Distributors
>Italy Wholesaler and Chain stores
>United Kingdom Wholesaler and Chain stores
>Belgium Distributors
>Malaysia Wholesalers and chain stores
>South Africa Chain stores
>Kuwait Wholesaler and Chain stores

ViviSmoke Work
1.Provide various kinds of products with good price& high quality  to enrich vape life.
2.Offer professional personalized, customized services for our clients.
3.Help our clients to develop their business to the further step.
4.Keep improving  with newest products,never stop developing newer and better products.

Our sales team:
Professional ,Efficient,Friendly

Always grateful to all our valued customers .
Believe in “growing together and going further together”

Office Address: Office Address:#801 Tengyao Intelligent Building,#1 ChongQing Road,Fuyong Street,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.
Factory Address : Floor 2,building 19,Hejing Industrial Area,Bao’an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China.

You can also find US at
Twitter: vivismoke
Linkedin: vivismokecompany
Instagram: vivismoke.official
Google+: vivismoke
Pinterest: vivismoke.com